• 1988

    Branford receives second Grammy nomination

    Grammy awards bring second nomination, "Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, Soloist," for "Cottontail," a track from the Duke Ellington Orchestra's Digital Duke album (GRP).

  • 1987

    Branford receives first Grammy nomination

    Royal Garden Blues, Branford's second jazz album on Columbia garners the saxophonist his first Grammy nomination for "Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, Soloist."

  • 1987

    Branford hosts inaugural show of VH1’s “New Visions” series

  • 1986

    Royal Garden Blues is released

    Royal Garden Blues is released. This album is produced by Branford's younger brother, Delfeayo, and features his father, pianist Ellis Marsalis, on one of the tracks.

  • 1986

    Romances For Saxophone is released

    Branford's successful Romances For Saxophone is issued. Recorded with producer Mowery and the English chamber Orchestra, featuring the music of Faure, Ravel, Debussy and others.

  • 1985

    Branford performs at the original Live Aid concert

  • 1984

    First album as bandleader is released

    Branford releases Columbia debut, Scenes In The City.  It's the first jazz production by renowned classical producer Thomas Mowrey.  Title track (composed and recorded over 20 years before by Charles Mingus) turns into a nocturnal celebration of the jazzman's lifestyle.