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June 09, 2016

BBC interviews and Reviews from Branford's UK solo tour

Branford recently performed three solo concerts in the UK – Bath, London and Norwich. Here are some reviews, as well as a number of radio interviews from his visit to the BBC.


Branford Marsalis review – spiritual subtleties set the Bath festival off with a fizz  4 / 5 stars  
Bath Abbey:Filling the Abbey’s natural echo chamber with low booms, fluting trills and birdlike peeps, Marsalis explores jazz’s deep connection with the church
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REVIEW: Branford Marsalis solo at Bath Abbey (2016 Bath International Music Festival) 
Bath Abbey, with its expanses of stained glass and astonishing fan vaulting high above, invites a particular kind of performance. It's not the ornateness, but the atmosphere - it's one of those spaces that offers a larger kind of silence. That, and the fat echo, suits Branford Marsalis'intentions well.
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Branford Marsalis, Union Chapel, London — ‘Intense and demanding’
In a chapel setting that exposes every nuance of phrasing and tone, it was fitting that American saxophonist Branford Marsalis had called his solo recital “In My Solitude”. From first to last he immersed himself in an intense and demanding performance that only recognised the outside world to mimic exactly the slurred wail of a passing ambulance.
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The sharply dressed Marsalis played to a full house, each of his two sets encompassing classical and jazz pieces.He moved between soprano, tenor and alto saxes with ease and made full use of the cathedral’s unique acoustics, leaving plenty of space for his notes to reverberate across the ancient hall.
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BBC Radio 3 ‘In Tune’ (in at 1.38)
Branford Marsalis performs live 

BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’ (in at 25.25)

BBC Radio London (in at 2.05.25)
Interview with Robert Elms

BBC Radio 3 Jazz Now (in at 51.00)
Interview with Soweto Kinch

BBCRadio 6Music (in at 36.30)
Live interview with Cerys Matthews