Jazz News

March 11, 2019

Great Reviews for The Secret Between The Shadow And The Soul!

The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul has debuted at #3 on the US Jazz Album Charts (both traditional and overall)!

The album has garnered rave reviews:

"Branford Marsalis’ quartet has been a model of daring, unapologetic artistry for the past three decades.” - Jazziz

"On their new album, The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul, they reach a new peak, addressing a kaleidoscope of moods with inspiration and group commitment.” – Jazziz

"Justin Faulkner has a thrashing, teeming style on the drums — he attacks them — yet he exudes a reassurance that basically all the best drummers have. In striking that balance, he’s like Art Blakey and Elvin Jones.” - The New York Times

"A true group effort, the album allows room to showcase the different band members’ strengths and talents, always towards a cohesive sound.” - Straight No Chaser

"2019's The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul finds the saxophonist balancing an expressive maturity with a continued sense of fun.” - All Music

"Together, they play with a deft abandon that often borders on focused chaos.” - All Music

"The best example of this here is the Revis-penned "Dance of the Evil Toys," a kinetic snowplow of free group improv that brings to mind Ornette Coleman.” - All Music

"While post-bop dynamism is certainly one of Marsalis' fortes, he's also a deeply emotive and lyrical performer, something that colors much of his work here.” - All Music

"It's that dynamic balance, so organic to Marsalis' group, that illuminates all of The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul.” - All Music

"The unification of each players unique contribution to The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul steps forward with a stirring voice in the fabric of modern jazz.” - The Jazz Word

"A mix of creatively complex moods that range from introspectively moving to daring, with a complexity of sound most associated with the Quartet.” - The Jazz Word

"“Snake Hip Waltz” has a melody befitting the title’s name as it snakes through the harmony.” - The Jazz Word

""The Secret Between the Shadow and The Soul" is a delightful album.” - Step Tempest

"Lively, collaborative, at times powerful, other times sensual, the Branford Marsalis Quartet is at the top of its form.” - Step Tempest

"Saxophonist Branford Marsalis and his veteran quartet's The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul demonstrates his commitment to communicating emotions to listeners but without compromise to his kind of jazz.” - PopMatters